Not Fishing…But Carving

So the weather has been great lately, highs close to 60 and lows barely hitting freezing. And rather than to be fishing like I would love to be, I have been home sick for the last few weeks. This has led to an incredible case of cabin fever, which resulted in me picking up carving again.  I really only know how to carve a basic wood spirit, but I didn’t figure that should stop me. I grabbed a scrap of wood from the garage and stenciled out a design and started carving. After quite a few river adventures and encounters with people who like to steal my gear I found myself lacking a good knife. So I grabbed a utility knife from the garage too…same thing, right? Luckily the scrap wood I was carving was soft enough to carve well with this knife. I took my time carving each of them, spending 1-2 hours on each simple design. After I finished 8 I took them out to the garage and trimmed them to length and drilled a hole in the top. I then stained them, I tried using  Dark Walnut, Golden Oak and Colonial Maple and Minwax stains (ordered left to right in the image below).

I did learn some good lessons after staining them, I didn’t realize how deep I was scoring some of the cuts for the smaller features. This led to some much deeper colors in places where I didn’t necessarily want them. The only step I had left at this point was to figure out how to attach them to the tree. I still had a large box of leather scraps from the craft store so I took the thin pieces are ran it through the drilled hole. I took the utility knife and cut the ends down to point so that both sides could be run through a bead. The bead could then be pulled as tight as possible with pliers and this left it snug.

But in the end I was very proud of the results and I am very excited to give them to some close friends. Now the search begins to find a spoon carving knife so I can give that another shot too!


Wood Spirit Ornaments