Strange Mix Of Fish

The plan for today was to fish up by the Newburgh Dam for sauger, but it was windy (steady wind of 10 mph, gusting in the mid 20s) so I ended up at Angel Mounds. I wanted to catch some live bait so I stopped at the State Hospital Park to catch some bluegill. I had a deep diving crankbait still tied on from the day before so I gave it a few throws. With in the first 10 minutes I caught 2 bass, the first was 3.5 pound and the second was 4 pounds. Both fish chased the lure right up to bank and hit the lure in less than 1 foot of water.


3.5 lb

3.5 lb

4 lb

4 lb

Once I finished messing around with the bass I tried catch a few small bluegill for bait. So I tied on a small white curly grub, and successfully caught the smallest bass. This happened a few times so I gave up on the idea of catching any bluegill and headed to Angel Mounds Boat Launch. There is a nice sandy spot beside the boat launch that I was hoping would have some cats cruise over, but I could not have been more wrong. After about an hour of not catching anything on a lure I free lined a minnow and caught a little Skip Jack. Which was added to the bait collection.


After this point I was out of minnows and I couldn’t find any big enough to stay in my cast net. So I switched over to free lining worms, casting them out about 10 feet from the rocks and letting the drift toward the boat launch. I left the spool open on my reel and waited until the line started going out. This resulted in a few nice bluegill and some beautiful longear sunfish.


I continued fishing this way and had an odd tug so I set the hook. This time it was one of the chubbiest spotted bass that I have ever caught. He was a tiny bass, but he had a surprisingly big stomach a back that was at least 3 inches thick. This is one of the only places I seem to catch spots from the bank with any frequency.


I kept doing this with smaller chunks of worms and caught a fish I haven’t caught in over 2 years. The humble Mooneye! I had always fished for these guys with crickets, I’m going to have to go back here and try to stock up for these guys, they make excellent blue catfish bait.


Cranking up a 3.5 pounder

Enjoyed two hours out at the State Hospital Park this evening. The water has turned a dark green brown color, mostly due to the lower than average rainfall for this time of year. The bite was much slower today, the weather was reasonable: Temperatures between 67-63 F and pressure of 30.32 in. But to be honest, I don’t really buy into the pressure making a huge difference in fishing.

I only caught 2 largemouth bass today on crankbaits, but the largest fish I caught was on my favorite squarebill, a bluegill pattern xpress crankbait (2-4 ft). The first fish weighed in at 3.5 pounds, this astonished me that this fish was that healthy even though she was blind in one eye. But due to my stupidity I lost my squarebill right after this fish. The fish was right where you’d expect, in front of a pipe connecting two lakes.

3.5 pounder

The only other bass I caught was a small 15 incher on a deep diving crankbait (gizzard shad xpress 6-8 ft). This fish was out by the end of the dock, which makes sense due to the large schools of bluegill that people feed there.With the stained water I choose the gizzard shad color to really show up, plus working a deep diving crankbait in shallow water gives of tons of vibration and pausing it to let it float up higher in the water column tends to cause those finicky fish to strike.

15 incher

Far from my best trip, but both fish were over the 14 inch minimum size, which is always an accomplishment from this lake. Both fish were released to fight another day, I figure it’ll make some young anglers day to catch one of these healthy fish.

Recent Bass Adventures

     Lately I have been focusing much more on bass fishing then I have in previous fall seasons. With the water temperatures just now dropping the fish are working on getting all fed before winter and the bite is on. This season the stand out lures seem to be squarebill crankbait and lipless crankbaits. Which is hard for me to admit since I am typically an avid plastic angler.

     A trip up to Ferdinand Indiana fishing these lures reward me with over 60 bass, the majority of which were caught on a silver and black lipless crankbait. And many trips to the State Hospital Park in Evansville have produced fewer fish, but averaging much higher than the fish that were caught throughout the spring and summer.


    Both fish here were caught on a H2O Xpress Bluegill pattern squarebill (2-4ft). The second fish was the average size that was being caught up at Ferdinand. While many of these fish were smaller than the 14 inch minimum size in the lake I was fishing at, there was no trouble catching a limit of fish over that size.

     With the Ohio River temperature starting to drop faster now the sauger run should start soon. People are already starting to report catching them at the Newburgh Dam, so within the next two weeks they should start to be catchable from the banks. Until then, tight lines

My Recent Fishing Adventures

8-4-2015 I decided to try to fish the river, it has dropped down to 14 feet (pool stage for the Ohio where I’m at). Usually when the water is at this level and this time of year it should be full of stripers and catfish. However this seems to be the opposite, I only fished with one rod using bait and lures. I fished for about six hours and had one small hybrid right on a current break and then an hour later a small drum jigging worms right off the bottom. The really cool part of this fishing trip was the Indiana DNR was out electro-fishing right where I was taking samples. It was very cool to see some of the less known species in person.Drum while jigging wormsHybrid on white grubs after rain

8-6-2015 As a strong storm system moved out of the area I choose to go out and try to catch a few bass after work. The lake I was fishing is fairly urban and has a lot of fishing traffic. Since the bass are very smart they get spooked by any loud noises or any lures that put off too much vibrations. My solution to this was to fish a 3 inch fluke. I started off fishing the fluke weightless, but the wind was too strong so I choose to put it on a jig head. The fish were super active and I caught some of the larger fish that I’ve seen in this lake. They all hit on a 3 inch blue pear silver fluke.

0806151937Baby bass state hospital parkIMG_9993     IMG_9994

8-9-2015 Against my better judgement I choose to go bank fishing on the Ohio River again. After netting some gizzard shad I ended up fishing at the plaza on Evansville’s river front. I set up my old zebco slingshot with a salmon egg hook and an bit of shad gut the size of a pea. I stupidly set that down as I cast out my other rods and turned around in time to see a fish pull it into the water and shoot out into the river. I bought the rod as a joke but the rod put up with much more abuse than I ever expected. I set up the other two rods right out in front of the boat launch. I set up one rod with a slip rig about 30 feet off the bank and then set up a my other rod 60 feet out from bank suspened up about 2 feet off the bottom. After about an hour I got a hit on the farthest rod, it was a small 3 pound channel catfish. Unfortunately this was the only fish that hit.

hard work for a tiny catfish hard work for a tiny catfish2

Bass Fishing In Urban Lakes

I had a day off from work and decided it was time to do some serious fishing. I started the day with fishing the Ohio River. But the river was dropping fast and nothing seemed to be hitting.

Once I gave up on fishing the river I headed to an urban heavily fished lake. A lot of times people think to catch fish in these situations that they should fish very shiny and loud baits to elicit reaction hits. While this may work a occasionally, I have found that it is much more effective to work quiet lures with a fairly small profile.

With all of this in mind I choose to fish with a 3 inch light white fluke. I started to fish beside a pipe that connects the two lakes together. These resulted in three small largemouth bass

fluke bass

After the action slowed down on that end of the lake I moved to the wind blown side of the lake and worked the banks and any water that had surface debris. The results were good for such a heavily fished lake. I tried switching to a bigger profile crayfish jig and I nothing was interested. Once I switched back to the fluke the bite was back on.

fluke bass2