Sheet Foam Fly Poppers

Through most of the summer when I fly fish for bass I will target them with top water lures. These last few years I fished a lot of grasshopper patterns since they were made from foam and would float indefinitely. I had fished poppers on the fly rod many times, but being cheap I refused to buy the bodies for them to make more once I lost the last I had been given. I tried using the foam from flipflops to make new bodies, but this resulted in some pretty mediocre flies. They did float, but it was very difficult to craft a decent looking fly without having to paint them. In search of a better solution I stopped at a craft store to see what kind of foam they had. After looking through an incredibly small selection, I purchased sheets of craft foam.

I found that if I cut the foam into roughly 1 inch by 1 inch squares, I could layer these squares on a hook, glue them together and then trim them down with an exacto knife to make a decent body. The body wasn’t perfectly symmetrical, but it could have color patterns by stacking the foam in different orders(meaning no need to paint). To finish the fly, a simple marabou tail is tied on and some googly eyes glued to the body. This pattern has caught me countless bass and crappie, and this way I can make hundreds of bodies for same cost as buying a pack of 20 turned popper heads. And the results look pretty good too



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