3D Printing and Fishing

I think a lot of times technology seems to only benefit the people selling the fishing gear these days. And as an avid D.I.Y. fan I thought it was time to end that. I’ve made top water lures out of wood many times, and have tried to make crankbaits and lipless crankbaits out of wood. But I have never been able to get them to swim right. And mostly I put that to my inability to carve symmetrical things and knowing how to weight lures.

I figured it was time to take an engineers approach to making lures. This led me to the thingiverse website in search of a good fishing lure 3d model. After finding a decent model I brought my printer up to temperature and was ready to go. I printed the lure off on my Printrbot Simple Makers Edition Printer with red pla at 20% infill.

After printing it off it was simply a matter of removing any support material and screwing in eyelets for the hooks. 2 treble hooks later and I had a lure!

I figured I would give a try in a private lake that is stuffed full of bass. But the bite was very slow and I only caught 3 fish the whole day. But luckily, one of those fish was on a jerkbait that I printed and colored in black with a sharpie.  Not the most elegant of lures, but it did prove to me that it is a method of lure making worth investigating further.


Largemouth Bass Caught on a 3d Printed Jerkbait

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