A Secret For Windy Days

Conventionally when people think of bass fishing on very windy days they will say something along the lines that you should fish the down wind side because the wind will push all the shad to that side of the lake. I’m not saying that’s wrong, but there is definitely a time to ignore that notion; and today was one of those days.

The hours I was out fishing the wind was blowing around 15 mph, this high wind level gave me an idea of where to fish. I drove out to Bluegrass FWA and found the wind to be blowing from the South, so I set up on the Northwest end of Loon Pit. The reeds that line the edges of the lake creates about 50 yards of water that are untouched by the gusts of wind. The other advantage to this location is the overflow drain from Bluegrass pit flows into the Northwest end of Loon Pit giving you a favorable current.

I initially set up on an area that still had some aquatic plants, they appeared to be dying off and were all 2-3 feet below the water’s surface. I choose to work a squarebill crankbait in a bluegill pattern above this weed line. I know this is an unconventional choice for a lure, but in a lake as heavily pressured as this is combining a natural looking lure with a large amount of vibration and noise tends to give the best results. This method quickly paid of with a small largemouth that rose out of the weeds and hammered the squarebill.1113151406After I landed this fish the spot I came to fish opened up so moved locations. On the very western edge the overflow pipe flows in, whenever water flows quickly this creates a deep cut in the bottom of the lake bed (making more or less a creek channel in the lake). This makes one of my favorite features to fish, this harsh transition from deep water to shallow margins tends to hold bait fish and a good number of largemouth bass consistently. I choose to attack this feature with a deep diving crankbait in a sexy shad color. The bite was not as fast as I had expected, but I seemed to catch a fish every half hour or so. I caught three more fish out of this spot before calling it a day. The first measuring in at 14 inches, the second at 16 inches and the final bass at 13.5 inches.


1113151517  1113151557

The secret I have found is this cover from wind protects the fish that stay closer to the top from drifting down lake, and the bass know this. Bass cruising this area were causing minnows to scatter all day. The combination of high wind, the bait fish being channeled into this small shallow area and the deep ‘creek channel’ all combine to make the perfect bank fishing location.

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