Sometimes Technology Fails

I wasn’t feeling like doing anything fancy today so I grabbed the bait I had and went to the river with hopes of their being a few decent fish. The river was up a little higher than it was the last few days, sitting at 15.56 feet. My initial thought was to fish a spinnerbait, which did end up being a decent call. I fished right beside the boat launch at Angel Mounds, one side has a very rocky ledge and the other side of the boat launch has a current break with a mostly muddy bottom. I choose to use a spinnerbait with two blades to give off a large amount of vibration, one larger Willow blade and a smaller Colorado blade.

I started by working the side with rock ledge with and was rewarded with a decent spotted back, the problem was I took a picture with an old camera. And when I got home I found the camera had dumped the picture, so you’re just going to have to trust me on this one. After this fish the bite really seemed to just stop.

At this point I really just wanted to catch anything, so I switched to the side with a current break and tried my hand at some micro-fishing. I used hot dogs as bait and the smallest fly tying hook I had. I don’t know what the name of the species is, but they are very common in this area in the creeks and the river.


After I had caught a few little minnows it seemed logical to use these as bait and that resulted in 0 fish. Right at sunset a few skipjack started attacking some of the minnows so I tied on a little jerkbait and caught one 8 inch skipjack. But alas the camera failure resulted in no proof.

This spot does have potential for holding a decent number of fish and has been a good place to fish for years. I believe the main problem today was that a commercial fisherman had set his nets right off the boat launch.

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