Hard Fishing and Small Fish

These last few days have not been very productive fishing. The temperature here in Evansville went from being being in the mid 50’s during the day to being back in the 80s. This increased water temperature seems to have totally shut down the bite. I went to the State Hospital Park with a lot of confidence that I could catch a few nice bass, and was proved very wrong. I worked my way through my crankbaits, spinners, soft plastics and ended up working a worm and a very small fluke style lure. All the feeding fish seemed to be in the shallow water (6-10 inches) where the bluegill fry were hiding. This resulted in to a large number of small bass and bluegill.


1021151742 1021151744b




     The next day I went to Garvin Park to see if the trout had been stocked yet. I didn’t see any signs of trout being stocked yet, and I fished for a while using trout bait and caught a few bluegill on it. Since I was already at the park, I decided to work my way around the lake with the fly rod. I started out with a foam grasshopper pattern with very limited results, so I switched to a nymph and that seemed to be the trick. I’m a little suspicious that they just stocked in a large number of bluegill, because they were hitting everything that was fell into the water. They were mostly hitting brown, so I assume they are still used to be fed pellets and haven’t learned what natural food sources are in this lake. Once again only the small fish seemed to be feeding, but it was great practice with the fly rod.




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