Strange Mix Of Fish

The plan for today was to fish up by the Newburgh Dam for sauger, but it was windy (steady wind of 10 mph, gusting in the mid 20s) so I ended up at Angel Mounds. I wanted to catch some live bait so I stopped at the State Hospital Park to catch some bluegill. I had a deep diving crankbait still tied on from the day before so I gave it a few throws. With in the first 10 minutes I caught 2 bass, the first was 3.5 pound and the second was 4 pounds. Both fish chased the lure right up to bank and hit the lure in less than 1 foot of water.


3.5 lb

3.5 lb

4 lb

4 lb

Once I finished messing around with the bass I tried catch a few small bluegill for bait. So I tied on a small white curly grub, and successfully caught the smallest bass. This happened a few times so I gave up on the idea of catching any bluegill and headed to Angel Mounds Boat Launch. There is a nice sandy spot beside the boat launch that I was hoping would have some cats cruise over, but I could not have been more wrong. After about an hour of not catching anything on a lure I free lined a minnow and caught a little Skip Jack. Which was added to the bait collection.


After this point I was out of minnows and I couldn’t find any big enough to stay in my cast net. So I switched over to free lining worms, casting them out about 10 feet from the rocks and letting the drift toward the boat launch. I left the spool open on my reel and waited until the line started going out. This resulted in a few nice bluegill and some beautiful longear sunfish.


I continued fishing this way and had an odd tug so I set the hook. This time it was one of the chubbiest spotted bass that I have ever caught. He was a tiny bass, but he had a surprisingly big stomach a back that was at least 3 inches thick. This is one of the only places I seem to catch spots from the bank with any frequency.


I kept doing this with smaller chunks of worms and caught a fish I haven’t caught in over 2 years. The humble Mooneye! I had always fished for these guys with crickets, I’m going to have to go back here and try to stock up for these guys, they make excellent blue catfish bait.


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