Cranking up a 3.5 pounder

Enjoyed two hours out at the State Hospital Park this evening. The water has turned a dark green brown color, mostly due to the lower than average rainfall for this time of year. The bite was much slower today, the weather was reasonable: Temperatures between 67-63 F and pressure of 30.32 in. But to be honest, I don’t really buy into the pressure making a huge difference in fishing.

I only caught 2 largemouth bass today on crankbaits, but the largest fish I caught was on my favorite squarebill, a bluegill pattern xpress crankbait (2-4 ft). The first fish weighed in at 3.5 pounds, this astonished me that this fish was that healthy even though she was blind in one eye. But due to my stupidity I lost my squarebill right after this fish. The fish was right where you’d expect, in front of a pipe connecting two lakes.

3.5 pounder

The only other bass I caught was a small 15 incher on a deep diving crankbait (gizzard shad xpress 6-8 ft). This fish was out by the end of the dock, which makes sense due to the large schools of bluegill that people feed there.With the stained water I choose the gizzard shad color to really show up, plus working a deep diving crankbait in shallow water gives of tons of vibration and pausing it to let it float up higher in the water column tends to cause those finicky fish to strike.

15 incher

Far from my best trip, but both fish were over the 14 inch minimum size, which is always an accomplishment from this lake. Both fish were released to fight another day, I figure it’ll make some young anglers day to catch one of these healthy fish.

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