Recent Bass Adventures

     Lately I have been focusing much more on bass fishing then I have in previous fall seasons. With the water temperatures just now dropping the fish are working on getting all fed before winter and the bite is on. This season the stand out lures seem to be squarebill crankbait and lipless crankbaits. Which is hard for me to admit since I am typically an avid plastic angler.

     A trip up to Ferdinand Indiana fishing these lures reward me with over 60 bass, the majority of which were caught on a silver and black lipless crankbait. And many trips to the State Hospital Park in Evansville have produced fewer fish, but averaging much higher than the fish that were caught throughout the spring and summer.


    Both fish here were caught on a H2O Xpress Bluegill pattern squarebill (2-4ft). The second fish was the average size that was being caught up at Ferdinand. While many of these fish were smaller than the 14 inch minimum size in the lake I was fishing at, there was no trouble catching a limit of fish over that size.

     With the Ohio River temperature starting to drop faster now the sauger run should start soon. People are already starting to report catching them at the Newburgh Dam, so within the next two weeks they should start to be catchable from the banks. Until then, tight lines

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