Bass Fishing In Urban Lakes

I had a day off from work and decided it was time to do some serious fishing. I started the day with fishing the Ohio River. But the river was dropping fast and nothing seemed to be hitting.

Once I gave up on fishing the river I headed to an urban heavily fished lake. A lot of times people think to catch fish in these situations that they should fish very shiny and loud baits to elicit reaction hits. While this may work a occasionally, I have found that it is much more effective to work quiet lures with a fairly small profile.

With all of this in mind I choose to fish with a 3 inch light white fluke. I started to fish beside a pipe that connects the two lakes together. These resulted in three small largemouth bass

fluke bass

After the action slowed down on that end of the lake I moved to the wind blown side of the lake and worked the banks and any water that had surface debris. The results were good for such a heavily fished lake. I tried switching to a bigger profile crayfish jig and I nothing was interested. Once I switched back to the fluke the bite was back on.

fluke bass2

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